How Do You Measure Success? EASILY - with FunnelDash

Step 1: Install Tracking Script

Upgrade your tracking to a sophisticated fully integrated closed loop analytics system. 

Lever our multi-layer fingerprinting & contact recognition architecture so you can scale cold traffic in a big way.

Upgrading is as easy as copy & paste.

Step 2: Connect Your Facebook™ Ads

Optimizing ads based on CPC & CPL is a surefire way to fail at scale. 

With just one click, FunnelDash automatically uncovers the most profitable segments of your ad traffic based on REAL, not estimated ROI data.

Enable 1 click auto-tagging of your links with UTM Parameters and discover which device, gender, age, country, time of day, and ad placement are getting you the best ROI (beyond just 28 days).

Step 3: Connect Your Payment Processor

Basic pixel tracking is rarely accurate enough to make decisions on. The real revenue data is in your CRM. 

FunnelDash automatically syncs your conversions with actual sales and revenue data in your CRM. 

Now you can track the lifetime revenue of your contacts and connect it back to the originating email optin from the first ad they clicked on.

What Makes FunnelDash Different?

Preconfigured By Experts And Designed To Help You Scale Fast

No more guessing on what metrics are important anymore! You don't need to build your dashboards from scratch either! Get access to your data faster & easier with our pre-configured expert-designed dashboard templates.

...Plus More "Easy To Use" Dashboard Templates

Top 10 Features

10 Things We Do That Others Can't When It Comes To Tracking The ROI Of Your Ads

Lifetime Value Of Your Clicks, Leads & Customers

See which funnel or traffic source is getting the highest LTV so you can triple down in the right place and scale faster with even bigger profits.

REVENUE-SYNC: Connect Your Ad Spend To The Real Revenue Hidden In Your CRM's Contact Records 

Pixels are not always accurate. That's why we track your ad results to CRM-verified email addresses (Think people tracking, not pixel tracking)

Funnel Segmentation & Attribution

Start viewing your data with 1st Click Attribution! Facebook™ and Google default to last click attribution, but when you’re in the business of generating leads, you’ll want to know where the first click came from.

Link Builder with UTM Naming Conventions

Eliminate human error in your Google Analytics tracking with saved UTM code presets. Instantly access the right naming conventions with our free utm link builder chrome extension.

Cash Collected Revenue Reporting

When dealing with multiple transaction points (subscription payments or payment plans), gross revenue is NOT the best metric to report on. Now you can easily track the number that really matters - cash collected!

LTV at Day 30, 60, 90 Reporting

LTV allows you to see how much each person who enters your funnel is worth over a set period of time - your ability to project future earnings then allows you to allocate budgets so you can maximize your marketing efforts - without wondering whether your spend is going to waste or not, 

ROI at Day 30, 60, 90 Reporting

Wanna know how long it takes to breakeven on your ad spend? See if your ads are trending in the right direction or not beyond the first 28 days. 

1-Click UTM Tracking for Facebook™ Ads

Automatically track the right UTM codes with every Facebook™ ad campaign with just one click!  We'll add each individual ad id & the campaign id.

Data Disparity Metrics

See where the holes are in your tracking so you can increase the quality of your data and tracking. You’ll be able to see what percentage of tagged or untagged traffic is coming in at all times.

Facebook™ Ad Cohort Reports

Real media buyers buy advertising off Lifetime Value, not day 1 results. See Customer Value across all products and all channels. See where it starts to flatline or peak and see trends (like where you could potentially be upselling customers more).

Loaded With The Support You Need To Scale Profitably

Full Funnel Audit 

Scheduling is easy!  You can schedule your audit as soon as you sign up!
We'll give you a roadmap to optimize your funnel using our proven 4 step process. 
Find out how well your funnel is performing now and get actionable data you can use right away! (This is a professional service that we normally charge hundreds of dollars an hour for - and you’re getting it 100% free!)

Complete Paid Media Audit

Where are your Facebook Ads underperforming? Let us figure it out for you!
Our team of media buyers will give you the same insights we charge clients hundreds for.
This is a professional service that is typically reserved for clients, but you’ll be getting this absolutely free of charge when you sign up for FunnelDash today!

FunnelDash Academy

Want our best advertising & funnel optimization tips & tricks?
Discover hidden ways & new tactics to to make your ads even more profitable
Get all the training, templates, checklists, swipe copy, and strategies you need to scale your ads fast. You don’t need to worry about getting thrown into a new piece of software with no idea about where to get started.

Slack Integration & Community

Get daily stats and dashboards pushed to you in your very own private Slack channel.
 Join in on the discussion with other advertisers about funnels, analytics, fb ads & more!

Join in weekly to our Facebook lives & get all your questions answered.

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New York Times Best Selling Author

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Facebook Ad Tracking


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6 core Facebook Ad Dashboards (Prospecting, Retargeting, Video, Weekly, Audience Audit, Creative Testing)
PDF Downloads
Facebook Pixel Reporting & Tracking
TV Mode Reporting
Unlimited Client Facebook Accounts with Admin Access
Unlimited Dashboards


Facebook Ad & Funnel Tracking


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All Basic Features
UTM lead source tracking with the FunnelDash Javascript
CRM integrations Including Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign & Stripe
3 Extra Funnel Dashboards (Opt-In LTV, Customer LTV, Visitor LTV)
Facebook Auto UTM Tagging Feature
Track Leads & Sales From Your CRM Instead Of The Facebook Pixel


Enterprise Agency Tracking


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All Pro Basic & Pro Features
Done For You Setup And Onboarding
Monthly Agency Growth Calls with Zach To Help You Land High Ticket Clients
5 Pro Sub-Accounts For When Clients Won't Give You Admin Access ($49/mo for any additional)
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