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Finally, a charge card that delivers more
than just points. Perfect for serious advertisers spending $20,000 per month and looking to scale.

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I specialize in solving this problem by assembling a super-qualified pool of media buyers (now over 5,000 strong), and building out a world-class arsenal of performance-enhancers. 

I do this by offering a concierge service that connects advertisers with all of these buyers and assets, allowing them to squeeze out the very last drop of ad performance that is humanly possible.        

If you have this problem, I can make your life better by welcoming you into our ELITE ADVERTISER inner circle - it’s but one of the benefits of owning my industry-disrupting (and revolutionary!) Black Card for Advertisers.

Simply activate your ELITE ADVERTISER VISA Black Card - and experience the raw horsepower of it’s awesome array of benefits and services - in your marketing stack - TODAY. You know how large advertisers struggle with finding that ‘perfect’ a, and with maximizing ad performance?

Custom Benefits Designed For The ELITE Advertiser By ELITE Advertisers 

Your Stacked Benefits:



Agency Matching Concierge

  • We insist on proven experts with passion and drive. We only accept people into the network who we’d want to work with and learn from ourselves. Only a tiny percentage make the grade.
  • Never again need to rely on ‘the grapevine’ for hiring tips and lead intel. Our rigorous freelancer screening process ensures we get the best.



Agency Performance Monitoring

  • Whether you use an agency, in-house marketer, freelancer, or contractor, we’ll monitor their performance.
  • Senior agency perspective - make sure your agency isn’t getting lazy or failing to follow best practices
  • When you need that critical ‘second opinion,’ we’re right there for you.
  • Ever overlooked a detail that bit you in the wallet? We see things on your blind side. We’ve got your back!



Agency & Ad Account Audits

  • All the data you need to surmount that Mount Everest of assurance that we call the ‘clarity & confidence threshold.’ Go forward with Clarity and Confidence!



Proprietary Growth Tools

Messenger Funnels

9 Different Ways to Get Leads

Facebook Ads Dashboard

'Easy-View' Client Ads Command Center

Pipeline & Deal Management

Track Your Deals in One Place



Unmatched Community

  • Above and Beyond” guaranteed service. You’re spending a million or more per year, and with other cards you get a random ‘consolation prize.’ We changed all that with our $175,000 bonus, and so much more!

And More....

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$175k In Free Software After Your First $5k in Ad Spend

Can be redeemed at anytime - compared to an average of $500 in typical card signup bonuses.*

*Rewards may vary depending on time in business, size and status on existing accounts.

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Up to 5% Rebate on Your Ad Spend Applied Towards FundMyAds

Get between $10k - $500k in just 24 hours whether you want to double your marketing budget or just get some capital for better cash flow. No equity, No interest, One Time Flat Fee, Payback as your grow. Flexible payment terms.

Designed For Serious Advertisers Looking To Scale

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10x - 20x Higher Limits

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Credit Check

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