The New Corporate Charge Card for
ELITE Advertisers 

($250,000 Min. Ad Spend per Year)
The Big Rewards Card

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Unlock $175K In Bonuses From Our Partners When You Sign Up

Big Rewards

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4% Cash Back
60 Days Interest-Free
5% Rebate on
Growth Capital
My Mission

Help Advertisers Scale With More Cash Flow, Capital, and Confidence

"Fast paced, sustainable growth is a repeatable process that I've refined over the years. We use knowledge from over 1B in ad spend on our proprietary growth platform to bring you results that deliver."

Custom Benefits Designed For The ELITE Advertiser By ELITE Advertisers 

Your Stacked Benefits:

Agency Matching Concierge

Never again need to rely on ‘the grapevine’ for hiring tips and lead intel. Our rigorous freelancer screening process ensures you get the best.


Agency Performance Monitoring

Whether you use an agency, in-house marketer, freelancer, or contractor, we’ll monitor their performance.


Agency & Ad Account Audits

All the data you need to surmount that Mount Everest of assurance that we call the ‘clarity & confidence threshold.’ Go forward with Clarity and Confidence!


Proprietary Growth Tools

A backend software suite of tools to help manage your ad spend and convert more customers with an omni-channel messenger tool.


Fast Affordable Growth Capital

Get between $10k - $500k in just 24 hours whether you want to double your marketing budget or just get some capital for better cash flow. No equity, No interest, One Time Flat Fee, Payback as your grow. Flexible payment terms.


We Underwrite The Business NOT The Business Owner

Get unlimited virtual cards, instant card issuance and 60-day interest free financing, all with zero personal liability

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$175k In Free Software After Your First $5k in Ad Spend

Can be redeemed at anytime - compared to an average of $500 in typical card signup bonuses.*

*Rewards may vary depending on time in business, size and status on existing accounts.
Will this affect my personal credit?
No. Applying for FunnelDash, whether your application is approved or rejected, will never affect your personal credit score.
Am I eligible?
The FunnelDash Card works for corporations and other forms of non-individual liability companies. We underwrite with Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), not Social Security Numbers, so consumers, sole proprietors, and other unregistered business are ineligible. Only companies organized and registered in the United States (such as C-corps, S-corps, LLCs or LLPs) may apply for a FunnelDash Charge Card account.

Consumers, sole proprietors, unincorporated partnerships, and companies registered outside the United States are not permitted to use, or attempt to open a FunnelDash Charge Card account.
Are there additional fees?
Nope. Unlike with traditional loans, merchant cash advances, working capital loans, or most other financing options, FunnelDash doesn't charge fees or interest, period.
How does FunnelDash make money?
We don't charge you fees or interest. Instead, we simply receive a small fee from the merchant for each purchase you make with your FunnelDash Charge Card.
How is my limit determined?
Card limits are based on your cash flow, liquidity and your company spending patterns.

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