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FunnelDash VC / equity Bank / loan
Cost Fixed rate Equity Compound interest rate
Time 5-7 Days Months or years Weeks or months
Guarantees None Board seats Personal guarantee
Ownership None Partial loss of control Default if you fall on hard times
Payment Revenue share 10x on investment Monthly payment plus interest rates

A better way to fund
your business

  • No equity
  • No fundraising
  • No dilution
  • No covenants
  • No board seats
  • No bull

The Problem

"40% of Venture Capital is Being Spent on Paid Advertising"

Chamath Palihapitiya
CEO, Social Capital
($2B Under Management)

Agency Growth Show

FunnelDash Founder Zach Johnson speaks with FB Ad Agency owners who have real stories to tell - whether it be a grand success or downright failure. He ferrets out the lessons learned.

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Who's It For?


Direct to consumer brands
Subscription box
Online retailers
Mobile apps
B2B Saas
Digital Agencies
Ad Networks


Making over $15k per month for the last 6 months


Incorporated in the United States
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Applying does not affect your credit score

How It Works

Your Business is qualified for an injection of growth capital!

Based on your data, we can offer you the following options:

  • $8,000 of capital for a flat fee of $1,000 at a remittance of 5%

If your ads are profitable, we'll give you the cash to scale.

For Advertisers By Advertisers

FunnelDash is on a mission to help advertisers scale $1B in ad spend with clarity and confidence.

We help you grow without giving up your company so can get to the next level with any interest, equity, board seats, or personal guarantees.

After helping 5,000 agencies audit over $1 Billion in Facebook ad spend we realized the real problem was funding these ads at scale.

Unlock These Perks When You Get Approved

Benchmark Report
We'll show you how you stack up against your competition and where you rank.
Facebook Ad Audit by Former FB Employees
Get a PDF with a detailed write up of what to KILL or SCALE by our team of senior campaign managers
Agency Matching & Monitoring
Tap our database of 5,000 agencies to find the agency that can help you most effectively manage your ads. If your agency isn't performing, we'll let you know and help you replace them.
Free Growth Tools
Tools that help you scale
Facebook Ads Audit Dashboard
Free 'Easy-View' ads command center.
Messenger Funnels
The most effective way for generating high quality leads and MORE!
Free Done For You Facebook Ad Management Services
Yep, you got it!
$175k in Partner Perks & Signup Bonuses
Tools and services that help you run your business.

Get up to $1,000,000 to fund your ads today!

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Applying does not affect your credit score