Underwrite the business. Not the business owner.

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No Personal Liability

Don't put your personal credit score at risk - build up your business credit.

Higher Credit Limits

We base our limits on your cash balance or your sales, not your personal credit score.

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Create virtual credit cards with custom limits for online purchases in minutes

Scale Your Business Without Personal Risk

Worry-free application based on your businesses cash balance or sales

Separate Your Business

Founders and business owners are not personally liable for fraud or risk when using a FunnelDash Card.

Zero Liability Protection

We cover all fraudulent transactions. Get immediate notifications with suspicious activity.

Unlock higher credit limits

Our underwriting process allows us to issue you the right credit limit based on monthly sales or cash balances.

Issue unlimited virtual cards with no fees

Create virtual credentials securely using our financial technology and connect instantly to your ad account. You can start saving in under 10 minutes.

How do I know if my company qualifies?

Our technology helps determine if you're a good fit in less than 10 minutes. If your company has healthy cash balances or sales, you are a great candidate for the FunnelDash Card.

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