Instantly Create The "Amazon" or "Amex Black Card" For Your Business With Our CoBranded Cards As A Service.

...And start earning up to 1% of all your customers spend.
  • Increase your client lifetime value by offering your customers access to growth capital
  • Attract high value customers with an introductory offer of 7.5% cash back on their spend managed by you
  • Boost your brand by simply adding your logo to create your own version of AdCard.
  • It's as easy as embedding a small code snippet anywhere you want clients to apply for your new co-branded card



600+ Customer Ratings


Ad Accounts



1 Billion

In FB Ad Spend Audited

How The Co Branded Card & Capital Program Works.

Step 1

  • Insert a small code snippet anywhere you want your customers to apply for your card or capital.
  • Customize the funnel for your card and capital program to fit your brand and messaging.
  • Use different types of growth tools to funnel your customers into your card program.

Step 2

Customize the funnel for your card and capital program to match your brand

Or use our templates out of the gate.

Card Program Funnels

Step 3

Goodbye long card or business loan applications!

Pre-qualify leads based on their ad performance when they connect their FB Account with a single click.

Step 4

Track your deals through each stage of the card or capital application process.

  • Conversation
  • Application Started
  • Application Complete
  • Underwriting
  • Acceptance

Step 5

Gain Insight Into Your Clients Ad Performance Data And Help Them Make Better Decisions

Analyze your clients ad campaigns so help them optimize their campaigns for better ROAS and more sales.

Create and save your own custom template audit report for ALL your prospects with a single click!

Step 6

And of course... offer funding for your own products and services.

For You

Stand out from the competition

Gain an unfair advantage and start using card and capital promotions to attract new business.

Guaranteed commissions

Earn 1% of your clients ad spend each and every month plus additional commissions on funding

Close clients faster & retain them for longer

Increase your LTV and client retention by helping your clients get the funding they need to scale

For Your Clients


Offer your clients up to 7.5% cashback as an incentive to win new business.

Fast access to funding

Once approved, funds are loaded onto a virtual card so you can start deploying the growth capital instantly.

Grow your marketing budget

Our card and capital products are an inexpensive way for your clients to get access to the growth capital they need to scale.

"Embedded Financial Services Increase Revenue Per Customer By 2-5x."
~Andreeson Horrowitz

Did We Mention It's 100% Free
To Get Started?

Get Notified
When Your Clients Get Funded

We'll keep in you in the loop as we work with your
clients to get them the card program and capital they need to scale.

You Have An Offer!

Amount: $50,000
Fee: 4% One Time
Payment Terms: 10% of revenue until fee + principle is paid back.
Expires: December 1, 2020

1 min ago


Revenue: $50,000/mo
AdSpend: $20,000/mo
Budget: $3,000/mo
Exp: 3 yrs in the Industry

5 min ago


Revenue: $50,000/mo
AdSpend: $20,000/mo
Budget: $3,000/mo
Exp: 3 yrs in the Industry

  • Gone are the days of sending your clients into a bottomless pit of affiliates links or a list of funding partners
  • Build a list of leads and contacts to follow up with that dropped off
  • Help your clients decide on how to best deploy the capital into their business
  • Our funding advisors will walk your clients through the onboarding of your card program and the terms of the growth capital so you don't have to lift a finger.

"Hands-Free" Sales & Support For Your Program

No need to train your staff or a back-office to handle underwriting, origination, servicing, collections or reporting and compliance.

Our card & capital advisors will work with each of your clients to get access to your card program plus the capital they need to scale.

Hello FunnelDash Bot! I have a question. How many payments do I have left?

Hi Steph!
There are 4 weekly payments left. $5,000 each. Can I help you with anything else?

No, that’s it. Thanks!     

You’re welcome. Have a nice day   

These early adopters "get it" & are profiting off their first mover advantage.

“Offering a card plus growth capital is the perfect “foot in the door” prospecting strategy. All my clients have taken money from Shopify capital or Clearbanc at some point so it makes sense I add this as a solution to support my clients”

– Christian McLeod @ We Are Ansel

“I talked with all my clients about how they capitalize the business and plan on funding growth. My client doubled their monthly ad spend just after talking with our ad funding advisor.”

– Eric Carlson @ Sweat Pants Agency

“YES!!!!! We’ve always wanted to have a Capital division in our agency but never knew where to start. You’ve made it super accessible without the risk or the long setup”

– Dee Deng @ Right Hook Digital

“We are adding a Capital arm to our agency not only because it can become an eight-figure profit center but also because our clients with retain twice as long and be worth twice as much.”

– Eric Hueberman @ Hawk Media

“I think I can actually make more money profitably just funding the ad spend rather than managing it”

– Will Perry @ Reason Agency

Start Building Your
Own Card Program And Capital Division.

In Partnership With FunnelDash.

Cost of Capital Wholesale Rates
Capital Conversation Tiggers Unlimited
Funding Funnels Unlimited
Instant Ad Account Connections Unlimited
Ad Audit Reports Unlimited
Pipeline and Deal Unlimited
Agency Payments 2.9% Process Fee
Leads on Tap $150 per Lead
Embedded Application
Revenue Share
Ad Account Connect
Premium Growth Tools
Partner Backoffice
Zapier Integration
Co-Branded AdCard

Certified Partner

  • Yes
  • $500 Per Sign Up
  • 1-Click Access
  • Links, Ads, Messenger
  • Pipeline, Deals, Funnels
  • Send Leads to CRMs
  • Up To Net 60
  • Custom Card Design
  • Application API
  • Chat + Email

Capital Partner

  • Yes
  • 1% of Funded Spend
  • 1-Click Access
  • Links, Ads, Messenger
  • Pipeline, Deals, Funnels
  • Send Leads to CRMs
  • Up To Net 60
  • Custom Card Design
  • Application API
  • Academy

Co-Branded Card Partner

  • Yes
  • 1% of Card Spend + 1% of Funded Spend
  • 1-Click Access
  • Links, Ads, Messenger
  • Pipeline, Deals, Funnels
  • Send Leads to CRMs
  • Up To Net 60
  • Custom Card Design
  • Application API
  • Account Manager

Get Started Today!


Are you able to help us with the setup process?

Yes. we will walk you through the integration and setup process from start to finish.

Can we white label your application funnel and back office?

Yes. The FunnelDash Capital Conversation Triggers can be white label so that it aligns with your brand, product or websites. We can also white label our team and communications by configuring email and domain addresses.

Is this right for us if our goal to eventually become a lender or funder ourselves?

Yes!  As applications are submitted and offers accepted you’ll be able “get your feet wet” in the capital business.   This will help you build your / Capital brand now while allowing you to cherry pick the best deals you may want to fund yourself.

Is it easy to integrate with?

The integration does not require any custom coding or significant development resources. Simply install a short code snippet anywhere you want your customers to be able to apply for funding and you’re done.

We take care of the funding application process, sharing offers with your clients and helping them understand their options, and managing the relationships during the repayment period.

How much money can I make by adding a card or capital division to my business?

Helping businesses get access to growth capital can be quite lucrative.  Many partners generate between $2k - $10k from our revenue share program.

How much does this cost to get started?

The price of the software varies based on your monthly volume.  The more deals funded generally means the lower your monthly subscription fee.  To learn more click here.

Everything You Need To Launch A Card Program And Capital Division Fast.