With Ad Capital you get a Certified Ad Agency in our network to manage your ads.

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  • Fast & Affordable Growth Capital for Advertisers.
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Our Competitors Charge Anywhere From 6% - 12.%

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6% - 12%

How Does It Work?

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We’ll audit your ad performance and match you with 3 of the top-performing ad agencies in your vertical based on our 5,000+ agency network database. Or simply tell us which agency you’d like managing your ads each month.

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Once you select the media buying agency you want to work with we’ll manage 100% of all the payments to the agency

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Find out how much ad spend we can fund for you each month. No attorney needed. No personal guarantee. No warrants. No origination fee. No pre-payment penalty. No board seat. 1 page term sheet

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We’ll load funds onto your AdCard so you can launch ads with your new Ad Agency partner. Typically takes 7-14 days to onboard a new agency partner onboarded and up to speed.

Some of our Agency Partners

How Much Should I Be Paying For An Agency To Manage My Ads?

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I spend $

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per month on Advertising.

  • 10%
  • 11%
  • 12%
  • 13%
  • 14%
  • 15%
  • 16%
  • 17%
  • 18%
  • 19%
  • 20%
The Average Ad Agency Charges 0% Of Your Ad Budget Which Equates To




Per Day Until The Ad Spend Plus The Agency Fee Is Paid Back.

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Our ad performance data on over 5,000+ ad agencies managing $1B in ad spend gives us unique insight to ensure you're working with the absolute best in your industry.



Will this work if I just use my existing agency?

Connect us with your agency over email and we’ll get them enrolled in our Agency Partner program so you can use this with your currently agency partner.

What if I want to spend more money ads beyond what AdCapital funds?

That’s 100% ok to do. All you’ll need to do is create a new AdCard once your AdCapital funds have been deleted then load that as the default payment method in your ad account. We’ll continue to manage your agency payments. The ad spend and agency fees will just be deducted daily vs. funded over a 3-6 month period.

Does FunnelDash pay the agency or do I?

FunnelDash will withdraw funds from your bank account daily until the ad spend is paid back plus the agency fee.

How does FunnelDash make money?

Similar to Affirm, Paypal PayLater and other point-of-sale financing solutions the merchant or seller covers our financing fees.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. There are no setup fees. No fixed retainers. No cash out of pocket.

Will you fund my ads every month?

In most cases yes. We’ll let you know immediately if you hit a cap on our funding for your ad spend.  Either way, you’ll still be able to use AdCard and we’ll continue to manage payments to your agency.