How Damien's Infused Traffic ended up making him a MILLION dollars a day

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Damien is a Omni Channel Expert Specializing In Helping Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Scale Their Brands To Multiple 8 Figures A Year.

Episode Summary


  • How to run an ad campaign that gives value with no Call-to-Action?
  • Not falling for the "Online Guru" lifestyle
  • Taking advantage of omnipresence and not just sticking to main revenue sources




Damien (00:00):

Man, honestly, you wouldn't even believe it when, whenever I break this down to you, it's, it's a simple ad. It's giving value with no call to action, no sign up for a webinar or no, click the link below just straight up value that people are then able to take, apply, and actually benefit from before you ask for a dollar from them

Carson (00:32):

On this episode of the rich add or add podcast, we have Damien Watts, founder, and CEO of infused traffic media. On this episode, you're going to learn how to run an ad campaign that gives value without a call to action. You're also going to learn how to not fall for the quote unquote online guru lifestyle. And lastly, how to take advantage of omnipresence and not just sticking to the main revenue sources. This is a really great episode. Y'all so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Zach (01:09):

Welcome to another episode of the rich ed or ed podcast. This is your host sack Johnson. And today I'm with Mr. Damian Watts, founder, CEO of infused traffic media managed over 15 million a year in media spend been doing it for four years. We met recently at geek out events here in Austin, Texas. Amazing, amazing media buyer, entrepreneur. He's figuring out the agency game works with, uh, some pretty big names in the influencer info space, such as Marcus, uh, Bernie Nehemiah Davis, Joshua, Chris Anthony Morrison and others. So Damien man, welcome to the show. Oh man. Pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me. Yes. Yes. So tell everybody a little bit about, uh, what you're up to these days in, uh, the infused traffic media side of things. Oh, well, I mean, to be completely transparent, I am going through a scaling phase, um, after a recent success story, um, we helped a client do a million dollars in a day.

Damien (02:18):

And after that, it kind of turned a lot of heads. Uh, when it posted into, you know, one of the bigger groups, uh, ClickFunnels group, just a screenshot, it was Bragg, it was a brag. It was humble. Hashtag humble, humble brag. It was it definitely a humble brag or was it like a blessed, did you do hashtag blessed? Which one did you do? I think it was a mixture of both. Honestly. I honestly think it was a mixture of both. Um, it wasn't from a, from a showcase, uh, bragging braggadocious standpoint, it came from more of a, um, where this client started and how we got them to that, to that million dollar day. It was kind of like a story. So to be in control of that entire process, it was, it was a great sight to see, and it just made it very noticeable and very, in my mind, it made it extremely possible that if you have a good offer, if you get a ton of, if you give a ton of value and you don't ask for things on the front end, they're pretty incredible things that you can do in the online.

Damien (03:21):

Yeah. Such as not getting banned in groups. So that's like the first amazing thing you can do.

Damien (03:29):

Uh, that's awesome. Well, congrats. That's like a huge accomplishment, so let's get into it, man. I want to know what's, what's this rich ad that's responsible for a million dollar a day launch, man. Honestly, you wouldn't even believe it. When I, when I, whenever I break this down to you, it's, it's a simple ad. It's giving value with no call to action, no sign up for a webinar, no click the link below just straight up value that people are then able to take apply, and actually, you know, benefit from before you ask for a dollar from them, it sounds like Frank Kern by when does he always say, he always says, I'm going to show you that I can help you by actually helping you.

Damien (04:18):

That's kind of the case scenario where we're seeing a formula that we're implementing across the board. Um, and we're seeing amazing turnouts, uh, from a revenue standpoint, um, a ton of people are able to scale this way. And honestly, I think that the space is getting a little bit more sophisticated. Um, so we've actually went from the live webinars, you know, hour to an hour and a half to these, more of like a case study, uh, framework where it's more 30 minutes. You, you know, you're going out, the testimonials are going after a straight pitch and it's just giving them, you know, basically what they want versus boring them to death with your story and how you got to where you are. I love it, man. I love it. So tell everybody about, um, how long have you been doing geek out? Like what, like what was the, what brought you to that event and um, why are you hanging out with these crazy people?

Damien (05:12):

Honestly, man, I'm really, really good friends with the, with Nick. And when I say friends, I mean like internet buddies, uh, this is like our second time, but what I do outside of the agency, it was more of a, um, I help agencies with automation. Obviously. That's what my speak was about at geek-out. Um, and Nick was one of the agencies that we went in and kind of helped them out with back end lead generation, things of that nature. So from there, um, you know, going in and out of these individual Facebook groups, um, I'm communicating with him, he's communicating back with me. We make a mutual bond. And from there, uh, he's just like, dude, I got to get you on the geek out stage. No one, no one's doing the type of things that you're doing at the level that you're doing it with the amount of people that you have on your team.

Damien (05:56):

So that that's really what kind of started the conversations. And then, you know, I ended up in geek out in Austin. That's awesome. And yeah, you crushed it. Uh, I love it. So congrats on that. Nick Shackleford shadow. Um, super cool. And, uh, and so tell me where about what isn't working. I want to know, I wanna know your poor ad. I wanna know something you thought you just were going to take money to the bank and put on black and it totally bombed, uh, tell me, lay it out there, man. Honestly, it was an ad that we put a lot of thought into. It was more around the lifestyle, um, and it totally backfired. So people were in the comments. Uh, you don't have to have the land bowls. You don't have to do all this stuff to impress us, yada, yada, yada. So we were getting slammed in the comments, right? So I would say that that's probably the poorest ad that I've seen is whenever we try to go all in, on lifestyle now, lifestyle images, those work. But when we try to do the lifestyle, like you can have this too, you know, et cetera, et cetera. That's, that's when we see pretty bad performance, the clothes come out of nowhere.

Damien (07:18):

That's amazing. All right. So describe this. What, what did you do and to what extent w there was Lambos involved? What else? Um, I mean, honestly, it was more around the lines of, of showcasing the life, the lifestyle that these entrepreneurs have, um, basically walking out of the Lamborghini dealership. So like, Hey, you know, I'm, I'm at the Lamborghini. I want to say it was in Austin, honestly. Um, uh, yeah, I think it was, but hopped out of hopped out of the Lamborghini, um, walked out of the store, you know, basically just telling them, you know, I was, I worked at McDonald's like giving them the whole story of how I went from this, that, and I mean, I thought that it would work because it sounds relatable. Uh, but again, you know, a lot of people think that within this space, you're not actually making money from what you actually do and what you're trying to teach.

Damien (08:14):

You're making money from the courses themselves. Right. So the whole group play, like we went a little too hard on guru and, and it definitely didn't work a little too hard on guru. It's funny. Cause like that one line means so much and I think everybody listening knows exactly, exactly what that means. All right. So, um, got that thing that, um, let's talk about some financial principles. How have you gone about helping your clients manage their, their, uh, their credit, their cash? Like if you're ramping up a campaign to a million dollars a day, I mean, they're going to have some serious, uh, you know, lions dialed in to be able to ramp that up or do you just kind of stay out of it? And you're like, I hope, you know, hopefully it goes well. I mean, honestly man, we deal with a lot of, uh, accounts going down due to payment methods.

Damien (09:12):

So I mean, on our end, really the only financial burden that I can give these people is to have multiple ad accounts, have multiple cards ready to go, um, and then just be on standby to quickly pay these things off. Um, that's, that's really the only advice that I can give, obviously, you know, you're, you're, you're the ad spend guy when it comes to the financial space. So, um, for us, it's just, it's just staying ready at all times. Uh, having backup plans, um, multiple counts in the accounts most of these guys and people that we operate with, you know, have a hundred to 150 max limits on, on these AMX cards. Um, so we're having to, you know, just stay prepared at all given times and have multiple cards on the table. It has good man, multiple cards on the table. And then how many ad accounts typically per client, just to typically we don't like to go over it. It really just depends. Um, from a backup standpoint with how volatile Facebook is, we typically have like three to four ad accounts per person that's, you know, trying to spend big bucks. Um, but for that, you know, I would say that really, the only thing that I can give these people is get more credit cards, have them ready because we're going to spend it.

Speaker 3 (10:29):

Yeah, that's awesome, man.

Speaker 4 (10:31):

This episode is brought to you by funnel Nash's add card, the only charge card exclusively for your digital ad spend. And if you're an ad agency that manages seven or even eight figures a year in media and ad spend for your clients, and you're looking to double your profits over the next six to 12 months, then check out ad card, see the typical agency model is this, you charge 10% of your spend. You make 10 to 20% margin at the end of the day. So that's really one to 2% of your clients spend that is profit in your business. The easiest way to double that is a really find a way to earn in that one to 2% cash back of the card that is on file of your clients as ad account. And before add card we had to do was invoice all your clients for their ad spend up front. She's really difficult on a cash flow basis and very difficult. And then you had to put the card on your own Amex or whatever card of choice to get that level of value back into your business with add card it's entirely different in streamline. You simply get your clients on add card and make yourself the agency of record and you'll get the cash back. As long as you're managing the ad spend, it's a great way to double your profit without doing any additional work.

Damien (11:48):

Check it I love it. So don't how we can support you and what you're up to next. Honestly, I'm on a, I call it a hostile takeover. I'm on a hostile takeover mode right now. Um, we, we were doing some pretty amazing things right now. Um, I think that from a differentiator, from an adjunct, uh, ad agency or, you know, someone who's going to come in and try to be what we like to call ourselves growth partners to these companies. Um, I like to tell people they better watch out because I'm on a mission I'm on a freaking mission to take over. Um, just because again, like not a lot of people are, are taking advantage of omnipresence, right? So everyone's sticking to their main sources, whether it's YouTube, whether it's Facebook and Instagram only, um, even with Nick and, and, and in some of the other bigger agencies, I can kind of see people starting to shift towards it now, but we've been doing it for so long.

Damien (12:48):

It is. It's going to take a minute to catch up. Um, so now, you know, we're, we're trying to take over and mix in the info product space with platforms like Snapchat and Tik TOK, like kind of like we do for the e-commerce brands. Um, and then just having that full system of email, SMS messenger bots, we're giving them the entire experience. And right now we're moving into more of the organic side where we're going to be taking over their socials. And just completely, all I need you to do is focus on content. That's where we're headed. We'll take over.

Damien (13:24):

That's good, man. That's good. I love it. Hostile takeover, ready or not, but your sweet spot is going to be omni-channel. So that's like, that's, that's your strategy on, on the takeover? Yeah, that's, that's something that a lot of, again, like there's a ton of good advertisers, right? There's a ton of good people out there that are doing great things with their agencies. Again, what separates us is obviously I feel like I got a pretty good Rolodex appliance. Um, obviously we do some things internal for ourselves as well. You know, it gives us the, a super great pitch of, oh, we're not only doing it for other people. We're also doing it for ourselves. So we know what it feels like to lose money and make money, et cetera. Um, and then from there that, that, that omnipresence is just it's key in today's age, especially with the tracking that's about to happen and all the issues that we're about to run into and face.

Damien (14:15):

You gotta be in multiple places. And luckily we have some great third party, um, assets. That's going to give us the ability to keep that visibility. I love it. Damien, thank you so much, man. You killed this podcast. I will definitely, uh, I think everyone's staying away from the guru mode on the, uh, on the podcast. Everybody's taking tips on how to properly post up in Facebook groups with the humble brag and the case study. Don't get yourself banned, uh, stay safe out there. Y'all and, um, yeah, no congrats on a million dollars a day. That's like something you could put on your resume when you go ever get a job again,

Speaker 5 (14:55):

Just get a good egg. All right, man. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Speaker 4 (15:05):

Thanks so much for listening to another episode of the rich add more ed podcast. If you're like me and listen to podcasts on the go, go ahead and subscribe on apple podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and rich ed [inaudible] dot com slash podcast. And if you absolutely love the show, go ahead and leave a review and a comment share with a friend. If you do take a copy screenshot of it, email me Show me you left a review. I'll give you a free copy of the rich add or add book to learn more about the book. Go to rich ed for to leave a review that a rich ed or Thanks again.

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