The QUEEN of Chatbots on StoryTelling in Copy & Getting 6000% ROI by Acquiring < $1 Leads

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Trilce Jiron is a Costa Rican Marketing well known for her experience with chatbots, customer service systems, and unifying digital services with humans.

Episode Summary


  • How Trilce was able to become a dominant force in messenger marketing
  • Examples of how to make the most out of chatbots and boost LTV.
  • The exact strategy she used to product a 6000x ROI for Gold's Gym




Trilce (00:00):

From everyone who comments, I would dare to say that 45% of people actually convert to an actual qualified lead. And from the messages, the selves, like once we get that lead, it is actually converting. I think 20% of all the leads into a customer. So it is actually an ad with a 6000% ROI. I know, and I'm not even kidding. 6000%, $1,000 are spent on apps and it returns 60 K on revenue. [inaudible]

Zach (00:45):

You're listening to the rich add poor ed podcast, where we break down the financial principles that rich advertisers are deploying today to turn advertising into profit and get tons of traffic to their websites without killing their cash. These advertisers agencies, affiliate brands are responsible for managing over a billion dollars a year in ad spend. You'll hear about what's working for them today. They're rich ads and we'll roast their Epic failures and crappy ads on the internet with core ads. Let's get into it.

Dylan (01:12):

All right, everybody, we're back in business with another episode of the rich and poor ed podcasts, we got your hosts in the building and carpenter what's up. Everybody hope everybody's doing swell today. Now, today we have a very special guests. It's a young lady. I met maybe two years ago at the many chat conference. And she was one of the few people who would actually get up and talk and ask the questions everybody wanted to ask. And we ended up hitting it off. We've stayed connected for two years. She is now shoot killing it on the whole chat boss seen the many chests seen she's doing so many bad-ass things. She handles the Gold's gym advertising over there in the Costa Rica side of things. And she's also the owner and founder of CBS marketing, which is also a great friend of mine and I'm home to have her on. So, I mean, while the hype is real, but he say what's up?

Trilce (02:02):

Hello everyone. Hi from tiny, tiny, not an Island Costa Rica.

Dylan (02:09):

And just so everybody has some context. Can you tell everybody where that is? No, I'm just kidding.

Trilce (02:17):

Right? In the center of America continent,

Dylan (02:22):

It's spot over there. You're getting some good weather for the most part these days.

Trilce (02:25):

Oh yeah. The weather in Costa Rica is perfect right now. We're just getting the little tail of hurricane. You had a thought or something. I don't remember the name, but it's like, I'm in the beach right now. Um, which for everyone who thinks Costa Rica is old, it takes me like six hours to get here. So now it's not all beaches, but we're at the beach right now with the hurricane tail. So it's like super dressed, nicely and ringy like windy. So it's perfect. Like the perfect weather, like 25 degrees. I what's the, what's the conversion to the meetup Fahrenheit units.

Dylan (02:57):

Maybe like 70 degrees. I even know. I wish

Trilce (03:00):

I know I don't either. Yeah. Like in, in normal scientific units, it's 25 degrees, so it's perfect with rain and like it's not too humid, so it's, it's perfect.

Dylan (03:11):

Oh yeah. And even when we went to Costa Rica, I mean, we had a blast there. The wifi was good. The weather was good. I was like, man, I could like work here and live here.

Trilce (03:21):

Yeah. And the food is also amazing and you know, the food is great.

Dylan (03:25):

Oh yes. So give everybody a little background of kind of who you are. Kind of know what you're getting into these days.

Trilce (03:31):

Hmm. Okay. A little background. I am an industrial design engineer, which has nothing to do with marketing, but that was the path I decided to. I wanted to be an engineer that had something to do with the sign. And I figured out at a very young age that I was really good at getting people's money. So I decided to go into marketing because that's where the money that, you know, like taking money out of the people's wallet and turns out I'm really good at that. And I loved it. And I was like, you know what? I'm going to make a career of this. And I discovered many times, because I was looking for a company who built a chat bot, could it be able to tap for me? And they were charging like $4,000. So I was like, you know what, no, I'm an engineer.

Trilce (04:10):

I can do this myself. I took to Google and I was like, Hmm, no links. The first one, we will not mention. Cause it's the Voldemort of chatbots, that company, which shall not be named. And I hated the interface. The UX UI was horrible. And then the second link was many chat back in the day before the flow builder, this is like 2017. And I started using it and I was like, you know what? This is really cool. This solves so many issues. And of course my first chat about it was a hot mess. It only had like 5% conversion rate. Everyone hated it. Everyone went out of it. No click-throughs. And then I figured out a way to make it a fun story. I was asking people if they were fat. So of course, no one replied I, yeah, it was bad. Like, cause it was really bad, but then we changed it. And 95% of people started applying, you know, there was a learning moment and that's how I got into this whole thing. And the first conversations where you and I met, that's where Brian met the theory and kind of took me under his wing. And he was like, you know what, you're good at what you do. And I was thinking, and that's how TBS marketing began.

Dylan (05:21):

Oh yeah. And for some of y'all who don't know, but he say as the Bach queen, I will 100%. I know you recently spoke at the mini chat event that was virtual, correct?

Trilce (05:31):

Yes. I had two speaking gigs with the Bob blondes and myself.

Dylan (05:35):

Heck yeah. Well we're kind of Mo more or less topics over.

Trilce (05:39):

Uh, so can we ask was about TBS is speak. Speaking thing was about the Frank system and the Frank system is just the strategy that we use over the company to create, um, high converting sales strategies. So at TBS we use what we call interdepartmental marketing in my experience. And in my opinion, marketing is not one department. Everyone is marketing. What do I mean by this? You can have perfect graphics. You can have an amazing ad strategy and you can have an amazing chat bot that if you are not integrating the sales department, the customer support department, even the production people, then you are meeting the key elements to a good campaign because managers, they don't know. And that's the reality they can be managing. So the ones who are talking to the co to the customers on a day-to-day basis are the sales agents, the people who are on the floor talking to customers.

Trilce (06:33):

So we integrate every single department into a strategy that takes into account from the graphics that are going up to the funnel that is going to take place to even the way that the sales agents are going to be receiving the leads and talking to the leads, not just the bot, but the actual bot to human hand-off and how the humans are going to handle the sales up to the reporting process. So it's a very integral strategy that handles everything. And I know it sounds like a lot, but once you have it in a system, it's a very simple flow to follow. Uh, so that was on TBS as a Frank system. And then the bot blondes, for those of us who do not know the bot blondes, we are a group of women, uh, Lauren Patrulla from the U S Angela Allen from Australia. And we formed this sort of female coalition of women in tech.

Trilce (07:26):

The three of us are blondes. The three of us, I would dare to say are attractive women. So we wanted to break the stigma of, of booby full blonde, pretty women being stupid. Cause that's like the general cliche. So the bottom line is it's all about empowering women in tech, in their entrepreneurship, in their sexuality, in their body, in their brains. Like, it doesn't matter what you look like, if you're good at what you do, embrace it, own it. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So our session was actually called three blondes, one business plan, how to turn $500 into a six figure marketing agency.

Dylan (08:06):

Hell yeah. And for those who don't know if you're in the chat scene or many chests seen these Queens are killing it. So, I mean, it's make sure to tune in, watch the replays they're throwing out value,

Trilce (08:18):


Dylan (08:21):

Oh man. Heck yeah. I was going to be a juicy one. We haven't had many, you know, app on individuals on, so this will, this will be very different. I'm pumped.

Trilce (08:28):

So as mentioned,

Dylan (08:30):

We love to kind of dive into what's working good for you in this world, you know, in these crazy times. So, I mean, what's your rich app.

Trilce (08:41):

It's actually a funny one because it starts off by saying unbelievable part to the fun part of there is no part one. And Doug's into a story of, so this is an ad for a mattress repair company, the dream workshop. So they do repairs of mattresses because in Costa Rica over 200, 200,000 mattresses get thrown out each year. And there is no company that repairs them. So of course they sell new mattresses and they sell other bedding products. But the main goal is to repair instead of changing. And this lady came in with a mattress. She told us this other company had repaired it for her. And when we opened it up, uh, it actually had components from old mattresses for bed was repaired with old components from other people's beds, which is gross. I know. And the thing, the way that rumor ship does it, the owner has been in the mattress industry for over 30 years.

Trilce (09:38):

His family has been in it for 120 years. So everything gets brought in from Europe and the us and like the best supplier there is for spring units and for phones and for fabrics. That's what the group workshop purchases. So of course it's not a, a, let's say a workshop kind of thing. It's more like a very industrial high end repair. So we were just so disgusted when we opened up that bed and it was like full of old used materials and she was the on herself. Like she started crying and yelling and everything. So we asked her permission, like, would you allow us to share that story? Because the best ads are the ones that engage people in a story, a real life event. Right? So, and it's even better if it's triggering, if it promotes something in the negative way of emotions, then you're winning in an ad that can be anger, that can be sadness, but whatever triggers an intense emotional response, those are going to be your best ads.

Trilce (10:39):

So we share that and it said, unbelievable part two, can you believe that again, we got another customer whose bad was repaired and blah, blah, blah. And we told the whole story with like a very long copy actually. And that one has, I think he has generated over 4,000 messages over three months Plaza, over 2000 comments that have converted to messages via the common growth tool on, on many chats. So that would be my rich ad. Like just a story about something horrible that happened to a client that we were able to fix and triggered an emotional response. Everyone who saw it because of the hotline, like unbelievable part two, everyone's like, Oh my God, I want to know about the continuation of this. So that I've going to, everyone's super engaged. It's a highly converting ad. Um, from everyone who comments, I would dare to say that 45% of people actually convert to an actual qualified lead and from the messages, the selves, like once we get that lead, it is actually converting, I think 20% of all the leads into a customer. So it is actually an ad with a 6000% ROI. Ooh,

Dylan (11:54):

That's fun.

Trilce (11:56):

I know. And I'm not even kidding. 6000%, $1,000 are spent on Aspen and it returns 60 K on revenue. Wow.

Dylan (12:05):

Now, when it comes to the long copy versus short copy styles, were you worried that individuals wouldn't kind of retain the whole, you know, lengthy copy there? Or is that something you were looking to test or as long copy kind of on the storytelling format worked really well?

Trilce (12:23):

I think long copy is actually something that Facebook itself is promoting because they no longer want huge text on the images. Right. So when you're telling a story and it's a triggering story, a long copy, it's, it doesn't have to be huge. I mean, you don't have to like ride donkey day without an 800 story, 800 page story for it to work, but just like a three very rich paragraphs kind of copy with emojis, with bolts, with strikes, there was an underlying with me, very like organized fashion that is going to get people engaged, especially with a triggering headlines, such as unbelievable part two. Everyone wants to know what it is about because they see a frame or a picture or graphic. They don't understand what the hell is going on. So then unbelievable part two in a very angry face emoji and they read through the entire thing.

Dylan (13:14):

So go ahead and break this down for us.

Trilce (13:17):

I think that was fun. Like when you're trying to tell a story anyway. Yeah.

Dylan (13:22):

Okay. Yeah. So I mean, when it comes from start to finish, so you have the common growth tool, I'm sure that, you know, the Jason opt-in what happens after somebody engages, goes through to purchase how many moving parts are in the back end and how much is actually automated.

Trilce (13:38):

Okay. So in the Frank system, the first part is of course the effort funnel. So our funnel has three entry points for every single ad strategy. So the first entry point could be the comments that can entry point is going to be adjacent message. And the third entry point is going to be either a revenue RL or the click to send message button the normal send message button on Facebook. So you have three entry points that's automated. Uh, and now with many chat, you can actually, um, comment back on the comment and like the comment automatically. So it is improving response rates cause you comments automatically like, Hey, thank you. We just sent you a private inbox for chatting or whatever. And people go immediately into their inbox to check it out. So those three go into a chat bot that gives them the basic information on the service.

Trilce (14:29):

Then there is an automation again within it that triggers a response as if one of the sales agents was talking to the person. So in the case of the dream workshop, they have two sales agents. So it is done via your randomizer. When you go in that, say Dylan is going into the room or it is going to go first new way flow that assigns a sales agent to you via 50, 50 randomizer. So let's say you go into Mario's list, right? So Mario now gets a notification on his Monday cause he asked, we have our ManyChat linked to the Monday project manager via Zapier. So on his Monday it tells him, Hey Mario, Dylan Carpenter just went into the chat bot. So he goes in and there is already a message that the bot sent to you saying, Hey Dylan, my name is Mario. I'm going to be your slip advisor today.

Trilce (15:23):

Can you tell me a little bit more about what you're experiencing so I can help you out? You don't know it's a bot, it's a person that is actually going to be taking care of you, right? So you didn't have to type that by hand it's automated. And then when he goes, he just reads your response and you're like, Hey Mario, so I'm having this and this and this and this issue. So now he types. Oh, okay, great. I think this is a little bit more complicated than we initially thought. Can you please give me your phone number so we can talk. Basically everyone gives them their phone number, at least 80% of people and gives them their phone number. He calls them, of course this is all manual. Now he calls them. He talks to them and he closes the deal. So those initial steps are all automated, via many chat and Monday with Zapier. And then it's all bot to human handoff, which is also strategized. And it's step-by-step session, man. Sorry. It's typically one call closes killer there, man.

Speaker 3 (16:25):

That's super interesting. I didn't realize they ended up having something new where you can actually go in and reply to a comments immediately. And even like it,

Trilce (16:32):

I told you to go to conversations. I told you to get the ticket and you wouldn't. So this is on you.

Speaker 3 (16:39):

Yeah, man, they're evolving quick. I mean, I w we, I jumped on that shiny object syndrome training

Trilce (16:44):

So fast and loved it and then just slowly rolled out of it. But yeah. Sounds like they're pumping out some new stuff. I'm actually going to try that now. I think they're actually, they're launching new features every week now. Every single week. Yeah, because they, they launched, um, um, I found now how is this called a feature request portal? So now everyone can go in and do the feature requests and people vote on them. So they analyze if they can do them or not, and they start rolling them out. So there's basically a new, um, and you think a new shiny object every week now, which is really cool. That's a fun platform to work with them, their communities and community.

Speaker 3 (17:28):

This episode is brought to you by funnel Nash's add card, the only charge card exclusively for your digital ad spend. And if you're an ad agency that manages seven or even eight figures a year in media and ad spend for your clients, and you're looking to double your profits over the next six to 12 months, then check out, add card, see the typical agency model is this. You charge 10% of your spend. We make 10 to 20% margin at the end of the day. So that's really one to 2% of your clients spend that is profit in your business. The easiest way to double that is a really find a way to earn in that one to 2% cash back of the card that is on file of your clients has ad account. And before ad card we had to do was invoice all your clients for their ad spend up front. She's really difficult on a cash flow basis and very difficult ask. And then you had to put the card on your own Amex or whatever card of choice to get that level of value back into your business with add card it's entirely different in streamline. You simply get your clients on add card and make yourself the agency of record, and you'll get the cash back. As long as you're managing the ad spend, it's a great way to double your profit without doing any additional work.

Dylan (18:45):

Check it Well, did he say, we've already spoken about your 6000% ROI. Let's go ahead and move to the not so pretty side of things. And let's dive into this poor ad side where it could have been something you thought would work early. Well that may have backfired, crashed, and burned. However you want to call it. So what's your poor out in this scenario?

Trilce (19:08):

The more out essentially the same story, but with graphics instead of a picture. So with thought that it was going to be a cool story to do with this sign. So the agency has, um, we do design as well. Like we don't, we're not just chatbots for me. Chatbots are just a part of the strategy, but not the main component. So my designers, they actually did this beautiful graphic of a before and after for a mattress repair. And we're like, Oh, people are going to, and people hate it. For example, the, the unbelievable part to have, I think, a 30 cent, um, cost per message. And this one was going up to like five or $6 liking it. Yeah. So we're now avoiding at all costs graphics like very intense graphics, like beautifully designed ads are just not converting well anymore, which is that cause I am an industrial design engineer.

Trilce (20:03):

So, you know, I love to find, I love the design. Um, I think my theory, my thesis on this is that social media has become over the past few years. So cold, so distant people no longer want to see overly designed hold agency like posts. They hate them. If you do that and screed for engagement, like when your regular Facebook posts, that's an organic post, but don't turn that into an ad because it's not going to convert people like stories who like to feel taken care of people like to read something that it can actually dive into and invest their emotions on a very cool graphic. Would they, before and after it's not something that's going to make me invest any emotions I'm going to be like, Oh wow. Oh, but it's not going to be, it's not going to trigger an emotional response. So my poor ad would be when I tried to tell the fricking story about the unbelievable thing of her and getting her mattress repaired in a horrible way with defined graphic.

Dylan (21:05):

And that's interesting. I mean, it goes to show sometimes it's not the prettiest creative always works, but I mean, how many different images or graphics were you kind of testing with that to kind of really gauge what works was it just those kind of two variations? Are we all kind of testing quite a few times?

Trilce (21:20):

Oh no. It just, the two is the graphic one and the photo one and the photo one, one, two boom

Dylan (21:26):

From y'all's testing side of things. Where, when did you get to a point to where like, we're going to kill this. It just is not working anymore.

Trilce (21:34):

Oh, after three days, literally after three days, because the one that was just the picture had over 300 messages in three days and then the other one has five. So I was like, okay,

Dylan (21:48):

Oh man, that's wild. Hey guys, just test, test tests. And

Trilce (21:56):

Exactly. And it did start repeating itself. Cause then we had another situation where they, before and after for a washing service has, you know, a lot of companies offer to wash, went viral and then the other one with the graphics. And it was so cute. Cause it had like little gnomes cleaning the bed on the shiny part. And then it was like with, with trucks and stuff, the dirty part, nobody liked it. And I thought it was so cute cause it, it really, it went really well with a brand's tone of voice and the brand's personality. Cause they try to be very playful, very emotional and very friendly company. They have like a very intense personality and everyone loves the company's personality. So I was like, Oh, this is so on brand. And people did it pretty freaking interesting here

Dylan (22:48):

And do a one 80 as you know, with the podcast being called rich dad, poor ad, very similar to a book. We love to kind of find the crossroads of marketing and the financial side of things. So what kind of financial support can you give based on your expertise that could be valuable to the audience?

Trilce (23:04):

Uh, where this question, I think I'm going to be talking to Latino agency owners or people in countries that experienced the same issue about the owners of the companies not being educated in terms of social media. We are talking about a generation and I mean boomers and gen Y are our parents gen Y

Dylan (23:28):

I don't even know to be honest, like,

Trilce (23:31):

Yeah, I don't either. Let's say like 50 plus people from 50 plus, they did not grow up with social media. They are the kind of humans who still think that putting money on a newspaper is going to work. And it's very difficult to get them to spend money. I'm sorry, media. So my tip would be to be very blunt with your clients, like letting them know that not spending money means not being visible because right now it's a, pay-to-win literally a pay-to-win it's like you're on the author against you in terms of going viral without any ad spend, it's going to be less than 1% of the companies that manage to do that. So it's very, very hard for you to just say like, Oh, I'm going to design a killer strategy that is going to get you tons of sales with no ad spend.

Trilce (24:20):

No that's sell my clients like, okay, we can go route a or route, route a is you don't spend anything. I just charge a very minimum fee for the graphics that I put on your social media. And you'll see what you do without, cause not putting any ad spend into this. It's not going to get you anywhere. Or that would be, we start with small spend, let's say $20, then move up to $60, then move to $80 while you find the perfect formula. Cause not every client, not every niche is going to have the same ad formula. Right? And by formula, I mean the copy, that tone of voice, the sorts of graphics or pictures that you upload, like which strategy is going to work the best. So for example, for Gold's gym, the best strategy that we have found is offering the, the free trial and just being like, you can download this coupon with wallet right away and you just show to the gym and this is your free trial.

Trilce (25:16):

Of course there's like a lot of automations there that remind you to go blah, blah, blah, blah. But that is the one that we found converts the best. So once you find that one functioning funnel of one that, that amazing magical strategy, then you tell them, okay, you have seen this works. Uh, let's say this one, for example, the gym won the gold STEM one. It actually returned 11000%. So once you show them that you can be like, okay, and I know it sounds super click baity, but it is actually on a blog. Like it's a true number. Like it truly did return 11000%. So once you get results like that, you can tell them like, okay, so we're going to be investing a thousand dollars on this. Cause you know, it's going to return, you know, it works. And once they start seeing the return on that investment, they started being more lenient about spending money because we need to educate our clients on the fact that the world has changed.

Trilce (26:09):

Social media is a pay to play and pay to win sort of option. And it's not a thing that you're going to accomplish just by saying, this is the way to go. No, you need to be doing it. And um, what's the word in English? Wait, you have to go little by little, like you, you can't just make them spend $5,000 on fraud. Like you have to start with a $20 strategy and $80 strategy to 300 elite strategy and go up from the bear until they're comfortable enough that while they're spending is actually getting them something back,

Dylan (26:41):

That makes complete sense. And I think a big thing here realize too is, I mean, ads are probably a lot cheaper over there. So I mean with that shoot 20 or 60 bucks a day, it probably goes a lot farther than it. Wasn't the U S side of things, which hence how you mentioned, you know, for the more Latin America side of things.

Trilce (26:56):

Hmm. Hmm. Wouldn't know. I haven't done anything to you. So I don't know.

Dylan (27:02):

Oh yeah. I think CPMs are like shoot 18 to 20 bucks on average. I'm kind of curious what they are from Costa Rica. Yeah. Yeah.

Trilce (27:10):

Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no. Here it's like $2.

Dylan (27:14):

Oh wow. So yeah, the dollar goes a lot farther over there. So with those budgets, it makes complete sense to have a proof of concept and then kind of scale up once you kind of see that proof of concept just because they may not be as educated on the digital marketing scene of what it can really do.

Trilce (27:29):

Yeah. I guess. And I have seen a lot of agencies that are not even using the, the audience thing on their ads manager where you can infer the CSB or previous customers. So it can do the look like, because I have seen a lot of agencies being like, Oh, this is not returning very, very young qualified leads. And you're like, okay, so how are you? How are you getting people? And they're like, Oh, I guess taking that boost to bottom, which is already canceled by itself. Then they tell you like, Oh, we go through your segment. Then we click like only people from 18 to 35 who really like video games. And you're like, don't you have a client list. Yeah. Why, why are you using those segments on the Facebook ads manager? If you already have a list of 5,000 people who have purchased your product, I mean, the audience is right there.

Dylan (28:16):

Oh yeah. I mean the amount of agencies that say agencies that just don't even know a lot of things. It's just unreal. These days, everybody in their mama has an agency. I feel like

Trilce (28:31):

Kip for everyone. Who's listening. If you are not using your audience staff, and if you're not importing your CSV files from your clients, customers, you're losing a lot of money, a lot of money,

Dylan (28:42):

Hey, you heard it from the best of their import them customer lists y'all but say this has been super value packed and awesome here. So I mean, give everybody an idea, you know, how can we support you? Any fun projects in the works and how

Trilce (29:00):

Oh, tons of fun projects actually, but not anything I'm allowed to discuss. Exactly, but okay. Um, don't find me on Facebook cause I'm never on there. I know, I know I'm a Facebook marketer, but the way to reach me on Instagram app and the only one you're going to find, cause I'm always there and someone I have in all of my devices and it's the one I use to help people out. And when they have questions or when they want to run a strategy by me, you can just send me an audio there, a text message and I will be there to help. Um, you can find it, TBS marketing, ask CVS marketing CR or You can find him follow the blondes. If you're a woman and you are in STEM. I think you'll really like the Bob laws. We like to create a community of female badass entrepreneurs and just like spark people. We love smart women. And I think those would be the best ways to reach me. Hell yeah. We all heard it from the buck queen herself that he said, thank you so much for jumping on. That was a blast. I always loved going on podcasts with friends. Hell yeah. Good stuff. Everybody have a good rest of your day.

Speaker 3 (30:17):

Thanks so much for listening to another episode of the rich ed or ed podcasts. If you're like me and listen to podcasts on the go, go and subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and rich ed [inaudible] dot com slash podcast. And if you absolutely love the show, go ahead and leave a review and a comment share with a friend. If you do take a copy screenshot of it, email me Show me you left a review. I'll give you a free copy of the rich add or add book to learn more about the book. Go to rich ed [inaudible] dot com to leave a review that a rich ed or Thanks again.

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